How To Set Up Shopify Abandoned Cart Email and SMS?

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How To Set Up Shopify Abandoned Cart Email and SMS?

With ever-rising advertising traffic costs, ecomm store owners need to recoup as much profit as possible.

Implementing automated email marketing for the buyers and leads is a relatively easy way to do this.

Email automation can be implemented in very sophisticated rules-based systems, but for newcomers, the 80/20 value of adding email to a sales funnel comes from just 4 automation ‘flows’ – the rules-based systems for when and who to send automated emails.

The best-known of these is the Abandoned Cart Automation Sequence.

This type of ‘save-the-sale’ strategy can do wonders for any online business, as it gives the customer multiple chances to decide to buy a particular item even after they leave a store without buying. 

Why Should You Set Up Abandoned Cart Email?

For beginners, this marketing strategy basically involves sending out a series of emails and/or text messages to re-engage potential buyers that have abandoned their carts before checkout. 

Seven out of every ten shoppers leave their filled carts without checking out. 

Sometimes that is because of lost interest, but not always.

A potential buyer may forget to complete their order, and an abandoned cart email or SMS can be a great reminder for them to finish what they started.

Emails and SMS texts following abandoned carts can also persuade buyers to revisit their decision of not buying their desired products from an online store. 

When done properly, abandoned cart email can be the ideal persuasive technique to regain the interest and attention of potential customers.

Best Abandoned Cart Email Service For Your Business

Although properly setting up an abandoned cart email sequence can be difficult for new and small business owners, you don’t need to worry because Checkout Champ makes it easy.

Checkout Champs includes effective abandoned cart email and SMS automation sequences and messaging templates for Shopify stores looking to enhance their business and generate greater sales. 

Checkout Champ’s deep and wide feature set can also assist you with hundred of other marketing optimisations including social media campaigns, email marketing, SMS, and much more.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Checkout Champ to acquire their incredible abandoned cart email and SMS service and view the results in the success of your Shopify store.

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