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What Makes Checkout Champ Different From Other Ecom Platforms?

  • Shopify was built to be BIG and SIMPLE - their developers care about the ability to serve millions of users with an easy-to-use platform. It's great to get started and run a small store, but it's not built to scale.

  • Woocommerce was built to be OPEN - it runs on top of the Wordpress website platform. That makes it super flexible and allows you to configure it a million different ways... Which can be very confusing, sometimes unreliable, and isn't optimized for a store that's focused on speed and conversions.

  • BigCommerce was built to be BIG - It's built for enterprise-level ecommerce, but that comes with a high setup cost, and high ongoing fees.

  • Magento was built to be HEADLESS - It's designed to run as the ecommerce backend for big brands who put out a lot of content across mobile, desktop, HDTV and point of sale platforms... Again very powerful, but with a lot of technical complexity that is expensive to set up with.

  • Checkout Champ Takes The Best Parts Of Every Major Ecommerce Platform...

    And Removes The Limitations

  • The SIMPLICITY of Shopify - we've built Checkout Champ to be easy to use for less experienced people AND have the power to do deep customizations for developers and bigger businesses, without the need for third party apps.

  • The FLEXIBILITY of WooCommerce - we've built over 500 integrations for Checkout Champ so it can connect and plug in to almost any workflow via API BUT with a stable core user interface that is predictable and rock-solid reliable.

  • The POWER of BigCommerce - we have Agency and Portfolio clients running tens and even hundreds of stores and funnels on Checkout Champ, with no loss of performance. This is an enterprise-class platform that can still serve high-6 and 7-figure stores.

  • The MULTI-PLATFORM capability of Magento - Checkout Champ can do stores, funnels, content marketing AND run ‘headless’ to serve multiple custom front end platforms at the same time.
  • Most Of All Though - We've Built Checkout Champ To Be FAST.

    We Pride Ourselves On Having The Fastest Load Times Of Any Ecommerce Platform, That No-One Can Get Close To

    Best of all, Checkout Champ doesn't need to replace your existing ecommerce platform.

    Shopify and others are great for building your storefront, and we know switching can be costly in terms of user training time and systems administration.

    So, Checkout Champ bolts on to your existing tech stack, to give you the extra management functionality and speed you want - especially at the place where the ecommerce platforms fall down - transaction processing.

    We’ve made Checkout Champ so you can keep existing product catalogs, design assets and product descriptions on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce or Magento…

    This makes it easier and faster to switch over to Checkout Champ - and simple to roll back if you ever decide to change platform again.

    How We Started & How It’s Going

    I’m Matt Martorano, the founder and CEO of Checkout Champ.

    First off, thank you for visiting our website today to learn more about how this ecommerce performance platform can help your stores.

    We’ve created something I believe to be truly remarkable - and I’d like to take a moment to share a brief version of the ‘creation story’, so you can understand how many years of love and care we already have invested and will continue to invest into Checkout Champ.

    My dad was an entrepreneur, and ever since I was 12 years old in Chicago, I had a paper route at 6am each morning.

    I didn’t enjoy it at the time, but I’m glad now that I did it.

    I started my first ‘real’ business at 17 painting houses during the summer - hiring my buddies, and running the jobs with a pencil and notebook…

    But I pretended to be the estimator instead of the owner, just so the homeowners wouldn’t get scared of letting a kid fix up their house.

    While kids from school were making $4 or $5 an hour working at McDonalds, my crew were making over $1,500 every other week each…

    Crazy money for teenagers back in the 80s, and we had a lot of fun with it.

    Then I spent 5 years in the Army before getting into sales and marketing when I returned to civilian life.

    In 2002 I started a product marketing business and call center selling direct to consumer products.

    The business quickly grew bigger and got more complicated, so I needed a system to help me manage it all.

    I hired a software development team to create what I needed, an OMS CRM, and I quickly saw how much time and money it saved.

    That software developed and grew year after year, until eventually it became the Konnektive CRM which was a massive success in the affiliate marketing space…

    Then we licensed the Konnektive ‘engine’ and built a new product for the even bigger opportunities we saw in the ecommerce business.

    That product is Checkout Champ, the performance platform bringing the best of funnel marketing into the ecommerce space.

    Checkout Champ has thousands of features and hundreds of integrations to help it do everything an ecommerce business needs on any possible tech stack or combination of tools… And we continue to add even more functionality every year.

    The purpose of this product evolution is to bring the most dynamic ideas to market, and provide all the tools our clients need to enjoy the highest level of success and profitability.

    We look forward to helping your ecommerce business be a winner and achieve all you are capable of.

    Matt Martorano
    Matt Martorano, CEO

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    Whether your daily sales volume is 100 orders or 100,000… Checkout Champ can save you thousands or tens of thousands on fees, make sure you don’t waste valuable traffic, and bump up your conversion rates and AOV within a couple of weeks.

    Our system scales to handle as many funnels and stores as you need… And the advanced analytics, funnel creation, cart customization, and upsell paths all add up to massive growth opportunities for your store.

    So if you want to find out more, and see a demo of Checkout Champ in action?

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