Platform Migration

A Painless Move Across Platforms - Is It Even Possible?

Platform migrations can be stressful because a lot can go wrong. The uncertainty prevents a lot of store owners from migrating even when they know it’s for the better.

So it’s no surprise one of the questions store owners ALWAYS ask us is about the migration process to Checkout Champ -“Exactly how much of a pain in the ass is it gonna be to move over?”

And they’re right to ask, because it’s an important concern.

But we took this into account when building Checkout Champ, so we make the process as easy and painless as possible.

And we do it by giving you your own personal Client Success Manager.

Your CSM will help you with EVERYTHING.

They’ll help you audit all the current subscriptions and orders and get it over to Checkout Champ…

They’ll ensure your install is pulling all the correct information from all your sales, inventory, payment, and fulfillment systems, and make sure the data is clean and checks out.

Your CSM will be a second pair of eyes ensuring there are no hitches during the whole migration process.

So you don’t need to worry - switching to Checkout Champ is not going to be a problem for you.

Another concern I hear regularly is from multiple store owners and agency owners unsure whether Checkout Champ can handle all of their stores.Checkout Champ can handle hundreds - even thousands - of stores all in one CRM dashboard.

Not to mention hundreds of funnels, and tens of thousands of SKUs per store.

You can easily manage all your stores from your 1 easy-to-use central dashboard.

Manage everything from checkout pages, upsell flows, subscriptions, orders, affiliates, fulfillment, shipping etc. for multiple stores… all from one place.

So, no matter what your concern, we’ve got you covered.

Whether it’s the migration process, the size and complexity of your business, or the number of agency clients you serve… You have nothing to worry about.

In no time, you’ll be able to reap the benefits of Checkout Champ.

Checkout Champ Can Help

Checkout Champ is designed to enhance your existing store, NOT replace it. So you can stay on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Magento, and simply ‘bolt-on’ the features you want from Checkout Champ:

Verified Data

we make sure all the correct information for orders, subscriptions, sales, inventory, payment, and fulfillment is being pulled

Your CSM will train you

and your team so you can get the benefits of Checkout Champ quickly.

Eliminate the cost and performance penalty of 3rd party apps

Checkout Champ has everything already built-in from payments to customization to marketing funnels

Easy and pain-free migration process

most of our users are up and running after a couple of calls and within a few days they’re seeing conversions go up too.

Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

No matter how complex your stores are, you’ll never have to worry about Checkout Champ going down.

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