Multi-Store Management

Is Multi-Store Ecommerce Your Key To Success?

Many ecom stores build their whole brand and business around one store and never think about the bigger picture.

While this approach has the advantage of simplicity, it may not be the best way to serve different potential customers.

You can’t have the same exact store and offerings for a customer that buys from the U.S and one that buys from Europe.

If the store brand doesn't cater to the needs of different audience segments, the vendor will miss out on potential customers and significant profit losses.

And many ecom owners never go past the single-store strategy. This is a massive chance we see vendors miss time and time again.

But if you've been in the business for a while, and you want to take your ecom store a step further, you'll want to look into how you can implement a multi-store strategy into your business.

Benefits Of A Multi-Store Approach

There are multiple benefits that a multi-store approach brings to your ecomm store, some of which are:

Makes your brand portfolio stronger

By having more than one store instead of multiple sections, you increase the strength of each of your brands.

Better communication and customer relationships

Customers return to the companies they feel most comfortable with, which stems from a strong sense of trust. Multi-stores can appeal to specific needs of different customer categories.

Better customer experience

When you have a single store with many different sections, it may be easier for you to manage, but it's very confusing for your potential customers. A multi-store speeds up the shopping process because your customers will visit only the store that sells what they're looking for.

The reason why many ecom owners don’t switch to a multi-store approach is because it’s significantly harder to manage on popular ecom platforms like Shopify.

There are multiple inventories, customer databases, different brand messaging, and much more to manage.

Checkout Champ Can Help

Checkout Champ is designed to enhance your existing store, NOT replace it. So you can stay on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Magento, and simply ‘bolt-on’ the features you want from Checkout Champ:

  • Run thousands of stores from a single admin and manage themes, inventory, pricing, and customers with one software
  • Scale your ecomm store infinitely: No matter how many products you sell or how complex your account is.
  • Easy product sync: Whether you have 10 or 10,000 products in your store, add your credentials, and our system will sync all your product names, descriptions, images, SKUs, and variants directly into the CRM and configure the store with your pricing.
  • And if you’re worried about the moving process, we’ve made it so easy and fast that you won’t even notice the change. To make it even easier for you to move over, we’ll provide you with a personal Client Success Representative who’ll do whatever it takes to get you up and running fast.

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