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Don’t Overlook Checkout Pages And Upsells

Many ecom owners are so focussed on new customer acquisition that they're completely blind to other growth opportunities, like checkout page customization and upsell builders.

Because even if you have tons of traffic and people put your products in the cart, if they click away from the checkout page, you're not going to get the sale.

That's why you need to put a lot of attention into building the right checkout page that makes your customers feel at ease and lets them buy the product in one click.

As for upsells, they're vital to maximizing your profits too.

If you set up your checkout page to have one-click targeted upsells, you'll persuade your customers to add more related products to their cart - boosting conversions by $20 - $50, or more for every sale you make.

Upsells and custom checkout pages are among the easiest but most overlooked ways to skyrocket your profits. Here are the main benefits you'll get from having both set up in your ecom store:

  • Increase Profit And Sales: By having one-click checkout pages and upsells, you make it easier for your prospects to buy your products and offer additional stuff to customers who are already interested in what you're selling.
  • Increased AOV: One-click upsells increase the average order value of your customers, which leads to more sales and higher profits.
  • Increased Trust: With easier-to-navigate checkout and custom upsell designs, you'll gain more trust from your customers, turning occasional prospects into recurring ones.
  • There's only one problem with all of this.

    Ecommerce platforms like Shopify don't offer this level of customization unless you stuff your ecommerce store with 3rd party apps.

    But there's a hassle-free solution that has everything integrated natively.

    Checkout Champ Can Help

    Upsells and custom checkout pages are among the easiest but most overlooked ways to skyrocket your profits. Here are the main benefits you'll get from having both set up in your ecomm store:

    Fully Customized Checkout Pages

    Easily personalize your checkout page with pre-purchase order bumps, testimonials, videos, images, and trigger pop-ups for subscriptions and cross-sells.

    Custom Upsell Designs

    Add custom upsells with one click to your checkout page to increase conversions and AOV. You can also include dynamic upsell offers by-products that will add specific upsells based on your customers' cart.

    All-In-One Platform

    Forget about 3rd party apps that slow down your store. CheckoutChamp gives you all the tools your store needs in one integrated solution with nearly 500 direct integrations.

    Eliminate the cost and performance penalty of 3rd party apps

    CheckoutChamp has everything already built-in from payments to customization to marketing funnels

    Easy and pain-free migration process

    Guaranteed 99.9% uptime

    No matter how complex your stores are, you’ll never have to worry about Checkout Champ going down.

    We’ve also made sure the setup process is as easy and pain-free as possible.

    Every Checkout Champ user is assigned a personal Client Success Representative who is your single point of contact for all your questions and will do everything it takes to get you up and running fast.

    Want to learn more about One Click Upsells? Checkout our blog, One Click Upsells | Checkout Champ | Easy Set Up

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