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Why Chargeback Security And Protection Should Be The #1 Priority For Your Ecomm Store

Because of the greater opportunity for fraud nowadays, online stores face a lot of bogus chargebacks and, often, there’s very little a vendor can do to solve them. Lost revenue is bad enough, but dealing with chargebacks is also a life-or-death risk for the business if a key merchant account gets shut down. Too many chargebacks will get your Stripe or PayPal account frozen and you risk losing your Tier 1 merchant services.

Not to mention that chargebacks are also very expensive for store owners. Besides the transaction’s lost income, store owners must also pay a chargeback fee on top.

So, the best way to not get hit with too many chargebacks is to prevent them.

How Do You Get Rid Of Online Chargebacks?

Here are the 3 biggest ‘needle-movers’ you can put in place to prevent chargebacks from happening:

Use A Secure Checkout Process And Technology

Your online store must have an SSL certificate and all of your pages must be securely encrypted. This way, you’ll protect your customers and yourself.

Implement Simplified Customer Support

One reason why your customers do a chargeback is that they can’t reach your support easily. Set a quality 24H customers support, this way you’ll solve problems quicker and get fewer chargebacks.

Invest In Fraud Detection

Identify and prevent fraudulent transactions before they even happen with chargeback management integrations.

All this would be hard to implement in your store as Shopify has limited functionality, and you’d have to rely on 3rd party apps.

But there’s a much easier solution that integrates all the features you need in one place and helps you prevent chargebacks.

Checkout Champ is an all-in-one enhanced platform that protects you against fraud and chargebacks as you scale your business.

With our platform you’ll get:

  • An Integrated Chargeback Management Software that connects to leading chargeback solution providers for real-time dispute updates, helping ecomm store owners manage and prevent credit card fraud.
  • A Secure And Easy-To-Implement Checkout Process, to keep your customers and your store safe.
  • A Quality Customer Service Integration to prevent most chargebacks that are usually a result of miscommunication.
  • Chargebacks and fraudulent transactions are one of the scariest things ecomm owners have to face while scaling their stores, but there’s definitely a solution.

    A solution that isn’t a hassle and helps ecomm owners scale their business smoothly.

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