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Storefront Builders: How Personalization Can Get Your Ecomm More Sales

An off-the-shelf ecomm store can save you money and time up front, but long-term it'll be more expensive and time-consuming. As sales grow and you get more products added, a pre-made storefront won't be able to adapt to more complex needs.

With a customizable platform, you can optimize elements on your site to create a better user experience. This will, in turn, improve customer satisfaction and increase your sale.

Many ecomm stores want it easy and for them, a limited platform like Shopify gives them all they need. But if you have big plans, your average ecomm platform isn't enough.

So What Are The Benefits Of A Customizable Ecomm Platform?

Generate More Sales

Personalizing your store makes it look trustworthy and high-quality. Clearly presented information makes it easier for customers to find exactly what they are looking for in your store.

Increase Your Brand's Strength And Customer Loyalty

When you take the time to personalize your store, it seems like you care for your business and products, increasing your customers' loyalty.

Stand Out From The Competition

When most store owners don't care about their store personalization, taking the time to customize it makes your product selection appear unique and differentiated.

There’s only one big problem: Platforms like Shopify don’t allow much personalization nativeli, so you have to rely on tons of 3rd party apps.

These apps will massively slow down your store, making you lose many customers and sales.

Checkout Champ is designed to enhance your existing store, NOT replace it. So you can stay on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Magento, and simply ‘bolt-on’ the features you want from Checkout Champ:

  • All-In-One Platform: Get rid of your 3rd party apps, as CheckoutChamp has all the personalizations tool you need. You can personalize every step of your store in one click, and you don't need to be a tech geek.
  • Rock Solid System Database: No matter the sales volume or number of stores, CheckoutChamp will never go down. Our uptime average is over 99.99%.
  • Lightning Fast Load Speed: The average speed of a Shopify store is 7 seconds. With CheckoutChamp, your store's pages will load in less than a second.
  • Checkout Champ has more than 500 integrations in it, so you won’t need any 3rd party apps.

    We’ll also make the moving process easy and fast as we provide every customer with a personal Client Success Representative to guide you through the process.

    Today, customers expect companies to tailor their stores specifically for everyone. That's why you must have a platform that fits your needs and lets you customize every bit of your store in one click.

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