User Level Access Control

Is Your User-Level Access Control Setup Properly?

Managing one online store is already plenty of work, but managing multiple stores with employees is even harder. You need to give proper level access to your employees or you risk that one of them makes a mistake or change something they shouldn’t.

If you have multiple stores and employees managing different parts of your ecomm store, having control over your user-level access should be high priority.

Advantages Of User Level Access Control

A user-level access control feature allows you to give selective access to your employees. Based on your employees’ roles, you can give them access to more or fewer sections of your store, and giving you advantages including:

Less risk

By allowing limited access to your employees, you can drastically cut down on human error.

Save time and profit

When there’s less risk for human error, you save time and money.

Peace of mind

Being the owner of multiple online stores isn’t easy, and you already have a lot of things on your plate. By having user-level access control, you can have one thing risk to think of.

However, with ecomm platforms like Shopify, it’s hard to implement a user-level access control feature.

But there is a simple solution, it’s called Checkout Champ.

Checkout Champ is the first performance platform that enhances your online store with over 500 integrations.

Among its features, you’ll get:

  • One-Click User-Level Access Control Implementation
  • Create Unlimited User-Defined Access
  • Create And Control Membership Portals Easily
  • Whether you have one store or ten stores, user-level access control can be a life-savior feature to manage your online store properly.

    And if you’re thinking about expanding and getting employees to manage your stores, user-level access control can save you many headaches.

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