400% Business Growth & 65% Lower Chargebacks With Kount

Kount is the complete fraud prevention tool that keeps your business and customers secure while minimizing chargebacks and boosting revenue.

It’s super-easy to use, and you can get started in just a few minutes.

Kount automatically executes fraud prevention countermeasures for your business and help you make data-driven decisions to win more customers – all while massively reducing the amount of tedious manual work for your teams.

Checkout Champ customers love Kount and have seen massive results:

400% growth by reducing fraud and keeping customer data secure for Fetch Rewards.

50% decrease in declined orders, which resulted in higher customer satisfaction and more sales for PetMeds.

65% reduction in chargebacks and order declines, leading to higher conversions and long-term growth for Bodybuilding.com.

Protect Your Revenue & Fight Chargebacks

Chargebacks can have a fatal impact for an e-commerce business.
Too many chargebacks lead to closed accounts, loss in revenue, and even bankruptcy.

That’s why Checkout Champ decided to protect our users with built-in chargeback management.

Dynamic BIN Routing

If you’re a high-volume ecommerce store, you can’t afford to rely on just 1 or 2 payment processors. You need multiple layers of redundancy to efficiently manage growth.

…and that’s why we have added Dynamic BIN Routing to Checkout Champ.

This technology is excellent for making sure your accounts won’t get shut down.

Once you put your data into our system, we see every single bank, merchant BIN, and acquirer.

Our software will then run an algorithm that assesses the credit card being processed and sends it to the merchant account that has the highest approval rate.

So if you are running 3, 5, or 10 merchant accounts, Checkout Champ manages which one each payment goes to automatically.

Dynamic BIN routing is a cutting-edge technology that will help you with risk management and preventing fraud, which is a major cause of high chargeback rates.

Next-Level Chargeback Management

To protect your business even further, we decided to partner up with Kount – one of the best fraud prevention software solutions.

Kount is exceptional in chargeback management, helping you protect your revenue.

Unlike other solutions, Kount is capable of solving the problem of chargebacks — the entire problem, not just the most obvious or easiest-to-handle threats.

This not only keeps your business safe and prevents revenue loss but it will also

- Improve customer experience. Increase customer satisfaction by quickly and proactively resolving complaints.

- Save fulfillment costs. Stop the shipment of goods on disputed orders. Retain fulfillment, shipping, and product costs.

- Prove legitimacy. If you aren’t fighting, the bank is going to wonder why. But fight for the money that’s rightfully yours, and you’ll help solidify the business’s credibility.

Provide Seamless Experiences With Account Takeover Prevention

Customer experience is the single most important element of high-converting e-commerce businesses. In fact, the UX has an unbelievable 9,900% ROI The most important element of user experience is website loading speed.

If your ecommerce is slow, you’ll start losing a lot of customers – and it takes as little as a few seconds.

Checkout Champ users have powerful and unique UX elements you won’t find anywhere else:

>1 second checkout load speed

10X faster than your current e-commerce

3X conversions with one-step checkout pages

But we decided to help you provide an even better experience, so we partnered up with Kount.

Kount greatly enhances customer experience bydetecting suspicious activity and stopping costly account takeover (ATO) fraud – helping your customers keep their accounts secure.

How Kount Protects Accounts

Kount knows how valuable customer relationships are — and how important it is to protect them. Their technology works quickly and accurately to keep accounts safe.

Identity Details Are Collected

User and device attributes are gathered.

Data elements range from device type and IP address to user location and biometrics.

The Login Attempt Is Accepted or Challenged

Within milliseconds, our technology accepts, blocks, or challenges the login attempt.

Challenging a login attempt means requiring additional verification steps such as multi-factor authentication (MFA).

Account Activity Is Monitored

Once the user gains access to the account, further actions are monitored for suspicious behavior — such as changing the payment information or delivery address.

Your Accounts Are Protected

You no longer have to worry about harmful events like data breaches and credential stuffing attacks — our technology has you covered.

Kount offers one of the best ways to prevent your accounts from takeover.

…which could completely scare away customers and lead to a loss in revenue and a decline in success.

Here are some additional Kount features our users can’t live without:

- Passwordless authentication. Authenticate users with an alternate form of verification, such as secure biometrics on the device.

- Identity verification. Determine how risky a customer’s digital identity is during events like account creation and checkout.

- Velocity checks. Monitor the number of times a transaction is attempted within a short period of time to identify fraud patterns.

- Bot detection. Identify the use of bots – software programs that run automated tasks – to commit fraudulent activities.

Market to The Right Customers with Consumer Insights

If you’re looking to score a sale, you need to tailor the whole experience to your customers. It’s the only way to be profitable nowadays.

Understanding your target audience is difficult when you have no data. That’s why we added detailed reports and analytics to Checkout Champ.

You get the information you need to know who your target audience is – and who it is NOT.

But we decided to step it up a notch and link up with Kount.

Kount gives you actionable insights into consumer behavior — risk levels, purchasing decisions, propensity to spend — so you increase your bottom line while protecting your business.

That way, you can tailor the experience precisely to each of your customers and increase sales.

You get these insights and data in real time, so you can monitor the most current, up-to-date trends and make better decisions. Also, through its unique partnership with Equifax, Kount has information that other data companies don’t have access to. Greater insights result in better, more accurate decisions.

Plus, Third-party data is less accurate than the data you already have. Kount helps find value in your diverse range of data, making it easy to decipher what insights mean for your business.

4X Your Sales While Keeping Customers Secure

Preventing fraud is critical to keep your business running, prevent revenue loss, and maximize the profitability of your e-commerce. Checkout Champ provides high-end security solutions to keep our users safe and protected.

But we decided to step it up a notch, partner up with Kount, and create a bulletproof security system.

…and our users ABSOLUTELY love it and have seen massive results using it:

400% growth by reducing fraud and keeping customer data secure for Fetch Rewards.

50% decrease in declined orders, which resulted in higher customer satisfaction, and more sales for PetMeds.

65% reduction in chargebacks and order declines, leading to higher conversions, and long-term growth for Bodybuilding.com.

Looking to easily integrate Kount or any other fraud prevention platform to your ecom stores and funnels, without additional apps or expensive custom development?

Checkout Champ can help.

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