2,300% Increase in Revenue & 63X Return on Investment with Maropost

Get new customers, build better relationships, and keep customers coming back with Maropost.

Take advantage of automated campaigns, cart abandonment recovery, and countless UX improvements that will completely transform your ecommerce.

Our users love Maropost and have seen massive results using it:

760% revenue growth by using intelligent built-in segmentation.

180% increase in new customers with multichannel marketing campaigns.

63X return on investment by using AI and hyper-personalization, according to analytical data.

By choosing them as your payments partner, you'll have a dedicated account manager and a technology and risk support team behind you at every step.

Deliver An Unmatched Experience

The best way to maximize conversions is to provide a solid user experience.

88% of shoppers will abandon your site if your user experience isn't on point.

(and your competitors will beat you.)

This is the reason why UX has such an incredibly high ROI – a whopping 9,900%.

Fortunately, with Checkout Champ in your arsenal, you can offer an unmatchable user experience and win every customer.

The Fastest Ecommerce Platform in the Industry

Checkout Champ delivers powerful and unique UX elements you won’t find anywhere else:

<1 second checkout load speed, so your ecommerce will be 10X faster than competitors, and you’ll maximize the chances of making a sale

3X conversions with our one-step checkout pages, which will help you capture more customers, and increase revenues

99.9% uptime, so you never miss a single sale

We are the only ecommerce platform offering this high-level of user experience.

Personalization for Even More Sales

Drastically increase your bottom line by having hyper-relevant content for your customers and tailoring everything to them.

We’re flooded with around 10,000 ads and content a day – and ignore most of it.

To personalize your e-commerce and offer a tailored experience, Checkout Champ partnered with Maropost.

Maropost makes it easy to design personalized ecommerce platform campaigns with your customers’ motivations in mind.

For instance, you can greet your customers by their name and send them personalized emails.

Maropost empowers you to connect with your customers wherever they are.

This is critical since 93% of customers are more likely to purchase when you connect with them on multiple channels.

Sell More with One-Click Upsells

You successfully got your potential customers to your checkout page.

Now it’s time to maximize your revenue and drive your AOV higher. A fantastic way to accomplish this is to use one-click upsells. This is because upselling increases revenue by 10 - 30% on average. It’s also a lot easier to upsell existing customers than to sell to new ones…

…Making 70 - 95% of revenue coming from upsells and renewals.

Checkout Champ makes it easy for customers to add additional items to their cart or buy more expensive products.

It takes as little as one click!

One-click upsells have been extremely effective for our customers:

10 - 30% additional revenue

61.5% increase in conversions

$5000 extra in revenue

Now it’s time to get the same results for your business too.

Recover & Retain Customers the Right Way

Retaining customers is a lot more profitable than acquiring new ones. Yet most businesses spend thousands on customer acquisition and don’t focus on retention at all.

Unfortunately, this leaves a lot of money on the table…

To fix this, you have to shift your focus and put effort into retention too, not just customer acquisition.

Here’s how Checkout Champ and Maropost can help you with that.

Delight Customers From Day One

To drive repeat purchases, you need to nurture your customers and create a bond with them.

Maropost makes it very easy to send automated abandoned cart, replenishment, and re-engagement campaigns at the right time.

Maropost’s email campaigns can also let you save customers who are about to leave you…



Haven’t made a purchase recently



Didn’t reply to any of your emails



Abandoned their cart

…you’re losing these customers.

Fortunately, you can recover each of them with hyper-targeted campaigns and drive massive revenue.

Simplify to Sell More

To boost sales, you have to make everything effortless – or at least as easy as possible.

Maropost empowers you to simplify purchase confirmations and order tracking with automated transactional emails.

Plus, customers want to be able to track their orders.

This gives them a feeling of security that everything is going in the right direction and can also help estimate how long it will take for the order to come.

Maropost got you covered on that, too!

Dynamic Currency Conversion

You always want to show prices in your customers’ preferred currency.

(so you can eliminate any additional steps customers need to take, such as doing the currency conversion themselves.)

At Checkout Champ, we want to see you grow; that’s why our team gives you all the solutions and functionality you need to turn a small e-commerce into an international enterprise. One of these is Geographic Tracking to convert the checkout to your customer’s local currency.

This allows you to display prices in round numbers in your customer’s local currency.

Also, there is easy, one-click customization for every step of the dynamic currency conversion, with native support for 100+ currencies.

Unlike other platforms, there are no additional fees to utilize this feature - we want to see you grow.

Save as much as 5% in additional charges– and avoid increasing your prices to justify the fees and losing customers to competitors.

Ensure customer loyalty for the highest sales potential– existing customers are 50% more likely to try new products and spend 31% more.

Save 69.57% of sales by reducing cart abandonment.

Connect Your Favorite Apps

Checkout Champ builds tools to automate your e-commerce business so you can free up your time and focus on growth. But we know not everything can be automated, and getting help from an experienced person is often the fastest solution.

When you join Checkout Champ, you’ll get your Client Success Manager, who’s available on call to help whenever you need them.

That’s how we are able to offer a pain-free migration…

Your Client Success Manager will work with your team to integrate Checkout Champ into your tech stack (358+ app integrations, 180+ payment processors), create automation rules, and enjoy the hands-off experience.

86% of marketers struggle with integrations – by using Checkout Champ, you won’t be one of them…

Capture Every Customer – Here’s How

Maropost is a phenomenal tool for building a bond with your customers, retaining the ones who are on the fence of leaving, and maximizing sales.

Our users have seen massive results from using Checkout Champ with Maropost.

760% revenue growth by using intelligent built-in segmentation.

180% increase in new customers with multichannel marketing campaigns.

63X return on investment. by using AI and hyper-personalization according to analytical data.

Now it’s time to drive the same results for your business, too!

Checkout Champ takes care of the whole e-commerce experience, while Maropost adds a cherry on top with its flawless user experience and customer retention tools.

If you’re looking to reduce chargebacks and get paid faster, you need to use it now.

Looking to easily integrate Maropost or any other similar platform to your ecom stores and funnels without additional apps or expensive custom development?

Checkout Champ can help.

Book a demo call with our team now!