NMi - 3x New Merchants With 70% Cost Reduction

$203B payments volume and 300+ awards and EMV certificates - join NMi, the most sophisticated payment solution that creates a full commerce experience for your business.

Get on every channel, reach merchants where they are, and massively grow your business.

Build exactly what you need for customers using NMi’s modular payments platform. No such thing as a one-size-fit-all that doesn’t work.

NMI’s mission is to power the next era of payments.

100–300% monthly increase of new merchants with 0% attrition using the NMI gateway.

70% reduction in operating costs, 68% reduction in transaction time, and increased transaction volume.

25% increase in transactions and 10% increase in customer satisfaction with NMI.

Deliver a Seamless Customer Experience

Customer experience is an essential aspect of every successful ecommerce and one of the deciding factors whether customers make a purchase.

That’s why our team puts every effort into creating the most customer-friendly experience possible.

Checkout Champ offers functionality and user experience that no other platform can match, which includes things like:

<1 second checkout load speed,so your ecommerce store will be 10X faster than competitors on other platforms, and you’ll maximize the chances of making a sale.

3X conversions with one-step checkout pages,which will help you capture more customers and increase revenue.

99.9% uptime,so you never miss a single sale and steal competitors’ customers while their ecommerce site is down.

But we decided to step up our game even further by partnering up with NMi.

NMi is an integrated payment solution designed to make more businesses succeed by expanding your e-commerce’s payment capabilities. When it comes to user experience, they understand that merchants need to accept payments at all points of engagement.

NMI’s full commerce platform empowers you to deliver a seamless experience everywhere. Enable payments anywhere from one platform, plus offer valuable insights via reporting that unifies all transaction data into a consolidated view.

Reimagined Payment Gateway

As your business scales, basic payment processing won’t be enough to keep you growing.

Most similar platforms allow you to add 100+ payment gateways for receiving payments online. But what about the additional ways of payment, like in-person payment?

You can now serve your customers in every way possible!

No matter how big or small your business is, NMi’s payment gateway platform is ready to help you achieve your goals.

Reduce Attrition & Drive Revenue

NMI is the gateway of choice because of its flexible, customizable, and reliable platform, but what keeps users on the platform are value-added services including security and fraud prevention, compliance, invoicing, and more.

However, we at Checkout Champ know that this isn’t enough, and decided to step it up a notch…

That’s why we offer you 358+ all-in-one integrations for everything. For instance, you can automate your business with Zapier and completely eliminate manual labor, helping you focus on stuff that matters. Or you might outsource fulfillment and create a better shipping experience for your customers.

There are endless possibilities with our integrations.

However, there is a lot more that our team can help you with…

Custom Solutions For ANY Tech Stack

We have a strong team of developers who are here just for our users. That means that if you don’t find a feature or functionality you’re looking for and no integration is suitable, we will develop it for your business.

That’s right; you get a custom solution tailored just to your business.

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Maximize the Value of Your Leads

IRIS CRM’s advanced lead management suite enables you to keep the top of your funnel full and turn more leads into signed merchants.

Maximize your chances of making a sale with:

  • Automated collection. Enables leads to be pulled directly into the CRM from a variety of sources, making organic lead generation cheaper and far more efficient.
  • Automated categorization. updates lead account status for you as prospects move through the sales process. Better tracking ensures fewer good leads slip through the cracks and improves prioritization.
  • Automated data capture. ensures the CRM never misses the key details of interactions like phone calls, emails, SMS messages, and web visits, enabling agents to deliver a more targeted, efficient, and personal sales process to every merchant.
  • Easily Onboard Merchants to New Services

    Onboard merchants to payment processing and gateway services in minutes or even seconds, with pinpoint accuracy every time.

    Their TurboApp tool cuts boarding time from 30+ minutes to five minutes or less.

    To add a cherry on top, for low-risk merchants, NMi enables web-based merchant applications to be submitted instantaneously with a single click.

    Monitor Evolving Merchant Risk Automatically

    Merchant risk evolves as merchants process over time and require constant monitoring and vigilance to ensure correct pricing and risk management strategies.

    Agreement Express MonitorX automatically monitors ongoing risk in the back as merchants process.

    Regular, pre-scheduled checks ensure ongoing compliance and identify potentially risky changes in merchant behavior. There are a lot of checks NMi runs, including:

  • Automated anti-money laundering (AML)
  • Automated Know Your Customer (KYC + KYB)
  • Adverse Media / Negative News
  • High-Risk Website Content Detection
  • Merchant Processing Profile and Risk Exposure
  • ...and so much more.

    This will help you keep the risk of losing merchants at a minimum, sustaining long-term growth.

    Ready to Leverage Next-Level Payment Solution?

    NMi offers the next-level payment solution for your business.

    Empower your customers with a flawless experience, help them pay at every point of engagement without friction, and maximize the value of your leads.

    NMi makes all of this possible.

    100–300% monthly increase of new merchants with 0% attrition using the NMI gateway. sweet shop Chukar Cherries.

    70% reduction in operating costs, 68% reduction in transaction time, per month for and increased transaction volume.

    25% increase in transactions and 10% increase in for customer satisfaction with NMI.

    Checkout Champ takes care of the whole e-commerce experience, while NMi adds a cherry on top with its flawless payment processing.

    If you’re looking to maximize customer experience and drive higher revenue, you need to use it now.

    Looking to easily integrate NMi or any other payment processing platform into your ecom stores and funnels, without additional apps or expensive custom development?

    Checkout Champ can help.

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