Does Shopify Offer a Good Checkout Experience on Mobile Without Being on Shopify Plus?

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It is thought there are over 26 million e-commerce websites in existence at present, many of which use Shopify. This app offers both a standard free offering as well as a paid “Plus” version. How do you know that upgrading will offer you a high-enough conversion rate to be worthwhile, though?

This article will delve into what you miss out on by not using a paid Shopify subscription. By the end of the article, you should also understand what other online checkout options exist, so you can always offer the best experience.

Lack of Customization

While Shopify has a competent default interface, it is sorely lacking customizability. This ends up creating a very impersonal flow for users, reducing the impact of your brand.

By only using the default offering, a user is less likely to trust what they see, and as such they may take longer to buy something. This will increase the likelihood of user bounce due to them having longer to debate their purchasing decision.

This issue is also true for their mobile checkout experience, where many users might expect a seamless transition. As mobile sales continue to grow over time, this will only become more important.

Default Multi-Page Checkout

The default Shopify checkout relies on more than one page to guide the user from placing an item in their cart to a completed sale. Because of this, it gives the user extra time to reconsider what they buy and they will often bounce off of the site to a competitor. This issue is only made worse by the possibility of long load times, which can frustrate users, especially if there is more than one transition.

Slow Loading Times

Most app scripts load Shopify on every page of your e-commerce checkout. This can end up slowing any default Shopify experience users might have. For browsers, this can be frustrating, but for mobile users, it might have a vast impact on the numbers who remain on the site.

Studies show even a one-second delay can cause major issues for conversion. Your mobile experience needs to be both fast and efficient, and this is one of the reasons many people pick up Shopify Plus. Still, there are many other options out there that store owners could choose instead.

Other Impacts of Poor Flow

If a user does not have Shopify Plus, a lack of conversion may often only be one symptom, and may even lead to more problems. Other things you might want to watch out for include:

  • Cart abandonment
  • Lack of customer satisfaction
  • Low retention of existing customers
  • Low-quality data entry results
  • Large numbers of back-end errors

While many of these might have other causes, together they suggest problems with the underlying architecture of a site.

Better Online Checkout Options

With the above information, you should have enough information to pick out the best online checkout options for your needs. Still, you could always skip those steps and go with our offering.

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