1000% ROI & 10X More Engagement with Route

Route is the world’s best shipping platform for e-commerce businesses.

It unleashes your post-purchase ecommerce experience, helping you increase revenue, retain customers, and reduce costs.

Route has brought unbelievable result for our customers:

1000% ROI by allowing customers to track and protect their packages and maximizing sales.

10X more engagement than any other platform by leveraging AI technology to offer irresistible product recommendations and boosting repeat purchases.

20% boost in checkout conversion by making customers’ packages protected and eco-friendly and maximizing profitability.

Simplify your tech stack and customize your post-purchase experience with one platform that scales from side-gig to IPO.

Keep Your Packages & Customer Data Secure

Checkout Champ cares about the safety of your e-commerce and customers; that’s why we provide PCI Level I Compliance – the highest level of payment security standards.

You can also go headless and use the most secure API in e-commerce.

But since safety is one of the most essential elements in e-commerce, we decided to step it up a notch and partner up with Route.

Route offers world-class package protection to mitigate losses and boost profits. It will cover the cost of lost, damaged, or stolen packages. With package protection at checkout, customers can protect any order so shipping issues don’t impact your bottom line.

Plus, you can also solve any shipping issues instantly – and create a winning customer experience.

Route’s cutting-edge technology allows customers to self-resolve shipping issues in seconds. They can use the app to track and file order issues, making them feel comfortable and happy.

…and saving your support team a lot of time.

Alps, you can fully customize the package protection the way you desire.

Want to add a new perk to your loyalty program? Or make tracked and insured shipping the default on packages over a specific value?

With Route’s technology, you can customize package protection to fit your customer needs and your business model.

$12B Of protected merchandise, mitigating the cost of lost, damaged, or stolen packages, and boosting conversion rate.

95% Customer satisfaction, leading to repeat purchases, and higher profitability

6% Less cart abandonment, maximizing profits, and saving revenue

Green Shipping For Every Order

Sustainability is super-important for customers nowadays – since we want to feel good about each of our purchases.

…and not being harmful to the environment is one of the ways we do so.

To empower your e-commerce and make it eco-friendly, we partnered up with Route.

Route helps you deepen customer loyalty and protect the planet by making every shipment 100% carbon neutral.

Route automatically calculates and offsets the carbon emissions associated with any delivery.

Plus, each carbon neutral shipment supports a certified agroforestry initiative that removes over 30k tonnes of CO2 from the air annually and promotes a flourishing ecosystem (planting trees in Mississippi Alluvial Valley and Fazenda Nascente Do Luar.)

You can also see your store’s positive impact and share it with your customers.

…making them part of “save the planet” movement while maximizing your ecommerce sales.

100% shipments are carbon neutral, helping customers to be a part of “save the planet” movement and boost profits

30k Tonnes of CO2 removed and tons of new planted trees

10M+ Shipments neutralized, making the planet greener, and each package more sustainable.

Extend Customer Lifetime Value with Remarketing

73% of marketers say that upsells and cross-sells increase their revenue by 30%.

That’s a crazy boost. These two work great because customers are already in a buying state of mind, which makes them more susceptible to your new offer.

If you can convince customers that for just a slightly higher price, they can get a lot better results, they might as well give it a shot.

And if they don’t or don’t want to continue with a purchase, you can offer a down-sell.

The most common objection to buying products is price.

If your customers are ready to buy, but they decide to back up at the last second, you have to act. There is a very high chance you can still sell to them and save a conversion. You just need to suggest a more reasonable offer.

…and that’s what we will help you achieve.

Checkout Champ allows customers to create one-click custom upsells to add an extra $20, $40, or $50 per order – or save a conversion with down-sells.

In fact, that’s one of the reasons we were able to achieve these incredible results with our customers.

And our customers love it!

But we’re pushing checkout optimization strategies to the next level now by partnering with Route.

Route synthesizes multiple data streams across millions of consumers and sites to deliver hyper-relevant product recommendations that convert.

Diversify your post-purchase engagement strategy with recommendations on Route’s app, web, email and at checkout - and watch sales skyrocket.

No matter what other post-purchase or conversion optimization tools you use, Route can plug in and be up and running in minutes.

It’s a must-have addition to your post-purchase strategy.

25% Increase in customer lifetime value, increasing the chances of repeat purchase, and maximizing profits.

5% Lift on average revenue per order by utilizing AI remarketing strategies like cross-selling, up-selling, and down-selling.

$1M+ In incremental sales revenue for merchants

10X ROI & Maximize Customer Satisfaction

Route is the best shipping and package tracking platform for ecommerce.

It offers the newest, cutting-edge features like AI product recommendations, 100% carbone neutral shipping, and real-time package tracking with every detail you need.

Our users can’t live without it – and have seen amazing results using it:

1000% ROI by allowing customers to track and protect their packages and maximizing sales.

10X more engagementthan any other platform by leveraging AI technology to offer irresistible product recommendations and boosting repeat purchases.

20% boost in checkout conversionby making customers’ packages protected and eco-friendly and maximizing profitability.

Looking to easily integrate Route or any other shipping and package-tracking platform to your ecom stores and funnels, without additional apps or expensive custom development?

Checkout Champ can help.

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