ShipStation: Get a 311% Increae in Sales Plus 50x More Order Capacity

Using The Fastest Package Delivery Platform with the Best Rates

ShipStation's e-commerce package delivery platform brings spectacular results to over 130,000 merchants:

311% increase in sales

50x more order capacity

500% increase in processing speed

Using ShipStation is super-easy to implement, provides a flawlesss delivery and can help you get up to 84% off from top shipping carrierslike UPS, USPS, DHL, and more.

All Your Favorite Tools & Services at Your Fingerprints

Checkout Champ has a direct integration to ShipStation, making running your store or multiple stores extremely easy.

The only thing missing was shipping carriers - and that's why we partnered up with ShipStation.

ShipStation gives e-commerce a way to connect with 74+ major carriers. That way, you can provide your customers with their preferred shipping method and maximize the chances of making a sale. Below are some of the shipping companies ShipStation integrates with.

Plus, you’ll also get a ship-from-store feature in case you’re running a physical store – a carrier can pick up and package orders directly from your store.

"I think ship-from-store is the way forward for charities," says Kristen. "It gives us the opportunity to sell those precious little items that would maybe sell in the shop for £10, but we know on eBay there's an audience who will pay much more than that. It's allowing us to raise even more money for the charity."

Save Thousands on Shipping Fees

The shipping costs can detract customers from making a purchase.

Fortunately, if you go with ShipStation, you can eliminate this problem and take over your competitors. This is because they provide you with the best rates on the market.

In fact, they allow you to save up to 84% from carriers like UPS, DHL, Express, USPS, and more....and you will also get a free account too!

Fully Automated - No Time Wasted

ShipStation streamlines the whole process of package delivery,eliminating any need for tedious data entry or any other manual labor.

Fortunately, if you go with ShipStation, you can eliminate this problem and take over your competitors. This is because they provide you with the best rates on the market.

In fact, Welcome To Country was able to achieve an 80% reduction in manual labor with ShipStation

...and a significant increase in efficiency.

"The time Welcome to Country has saved by automating its fulfillment process has helped the organization continue to focus on growing its social impact.

Over the next 12 months we're striving to scale by 10x."

Our team at Checkout Champ knows that most e-commerce retailers don't have the luxury of a "one-size fits all" shipping process.

Depending on the package, you may need to adjust shipping settings or the fulfillment process. Unfortunately, this tends to lead to a tedious and error-prone process. ShipStation’s automation rules and batch printing can help you eliminate these errors.

…and they also minimize manual configuration of each order and the risk of human error.

"ShipStation detects any and all errors on orders such as an incorrect address, invalid country codes, etc., which allows us to contact our customers and retrieve the correct information,"" says Anthony.

Here are some of the most popular automation opportunities that have saved ShipStation customers 52+ hours a week.

- Next-level inventory management – Know exactly how much product is ready to ship after each order. Make your website automatically update if an item is out of stock and automate ordering of new products when your inventory is low

- Choose the best shipping method – Automation can select the best and most cost-effective shipping option for each of your products by setting shipping rules like weight, insurance, and international orders for your packages

- Choose the best shipping method – Provide a ship-by-date feature for great customer service and set expectations for your customers. All of that without any manual work

ShipStation also imports all of your order and customer information for you - you just have to confirm and ship

All of this combined will massively save your time and resources – leading to a fancy ROI.

Creating Customer Experiences Is Much More Than Just Building Stores

Creating a relevant experience massively increases sales and helps you create your online store the way you desire.

With Checkout Champ you'll get an elite toolkit of customization tools for the highest conversions:

- Fully custom cart design and one-click-upsell design. Create a functional design that not only looks good but also sells

- Test your pricing to reveal missed revenue opportunities. Find out what pricing strategies work the best for the highest conversions

- 4-way split testing. Figure out what design, elements, and layout your customers prefer

Looking to extend your brand's identity even further?

ShipStation allows you to utilize their branding shipping functionality, so you can create a more memorable experience for customers at no additional cost with things like such as:

- Carrier labels – Customize your carrier labels. Even if the order comes in a standard box, customization provides a unique opportunity to put a personal touch on one of the least personal aspects of shipping.

- Packing Slips – Packing slips contain a list of items included in the order, but they’re also a great place to add your logo and say “thank you” with a personalized message for the recipient.

- Customizable emails – Sellers can easily customize their branded shipping and delivery confirmation email templates or other one-off emails to include your company logo, name, social media links, and unique messages

You will no longer have to print out labels on a piece of paper, cut/fold themm, and then place them into a label sleeve - it takes a lot of time and effort when packaging a large number of orders. Instead, their team will do that for you automatically!

In fact, The Burlap Bag was abel to achieve 95% quicker label printing.

Package branding will greatly enhance the customer experience and help to make your brand more memorable. Remember, the shipping experience creates the most lasting impact on users – be sure to get it right

Everything You Need in One Place

Having data is critical for making the right decisions and being profitable. In fact, companies that leverage data see higher profits, more sales, and a better return on investment.

That’s why Checkout Champ gives users all the critical metrics they need.

That’s why Checkout Champ gives users all the critical metrics they need.

What’s even more, you’ll get all of that data nicely organized in one place – helping you make the right decisions with ease.

...that's one of the reasons why our customers have seen 30-60% conversion rates.

But if you’re looking to step it up a notch and get even more data, you’ll definitely love ShipStation. ShipStation is the perfect hub to see orders from every single marketplace without needing to login to every back end individually.

You'll get a clear and intuitive dashboard for everything you need.

That way, you prevent any orders from getting lost, delayed, or any other problems.

This is a huge time saver, and one of the reasons why ShipStation was able to increase the shipping efficiency of their customers by over 50%.

Deliver The Best Possible Experience

Customer experience is the single most important element of high-converting e-commerce businesses. In fact, the UX has an unbelievable 9,900% ROI.

Checkout Champ users have powerful and unique UX elements you won't find anywhere else:

- >1 second checkout load speed

- 3X conversions with our one-step checkout pages

- Fully custom cart page designs and upsell flows

But another important aspect of user experience is customer service.

Customer service is super important, in fact, customers are willing to spend more on superior customer service and experience.

ShipStation helps you perfect the customer experience and provide the best customer service by grouping the whole client communication and feedback from all platforms like eBay, emails, messages, and more into one place.

That way, you don’t need to check multiple platforms for customer requests, and can resolve issues a lot more efficiently.

Stay Connected on Every Device

Are you on the go or simply out of the office?

ShipStation allows you to stay connected and operate your business from wherever you are, on every device - whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Highly Intuitive Even for Non-Technical Users

ShipStation was engineered by product managers who are also e-commerce store operators, so it is extremely user-centric, and there is no way you’re going to get lost!

ShipStation is very easy to use and setup. We are able to have all of our different marketplace orders flow into one queue to allow us to bulk process and speed up our shipping process.

Saddleback Leather Co.

Shawn Wyatt, Systems Supervisor

Plus, if you need help, ShipStation’s 24/7 customer supportis always ready to resolve any of your issues.

Streamline Your Shipping & Delievery Orders in Seconds

ShipStation is the best platform for every e-commerce company that sells physical products. If you're looking to get:

311% increase in sales

50x more order capacity

500% increase in processing speed

You need to give ShipStation a try.

Are you ready to maximize your sales & take over your competitors?

Integrate ShipStation right now, cut the shipping costs by half, 3X sales, and get your business to the next level.