Save $100,000 Annually on Tax & Free Up 40 Hours a Week with TaxJar

TaxJar offers sales tax compliance for ecommerce businesses.

Their platform automates the entire sales tax life cycle across all of your sales channels, including.

$100,000 saved in sales annually by eliminating human errors in tax filings.

40+ hours saved every week by automating sales taxes.

42+ more states by Beautylish which were able to reach new markets thanks to TaxJar.

Plus, behind the TaxJar platform is a knowledgeable customer service team ready to help you be successful. From onboarding, to educational resources, to award-winning support, we are dedicated to making your sales tax experience run smoothly.

Trusted by 20,000 big brands like Shein or Land Rover, they’re the best platform in the game.

Reduce Your Risk of Errors and Missed Deadlines

The TaxJar platform automates sales tax compliance across 11,000 jurisdictions.

They make sure you always stay ahead of your economic nexus exposure, collect the right sales tax rate on each and every product sold, and submit fillings on time.

For making all of this possible, TaxJar uses the AutoFile tool – an automatic filing service for sales tax.

Here’s how it works.

Reduce Processing Time and Costs

Your paperwork grows exponentially as you collect sales tax in more states – which can lead to higher chances of making errors. TaxJar fixed that by handling not only the data input, but also preparing tax filings according to each state’s specific requirements.

You can then spend your valuable time focusing on other things.

Never Miss a Filling Due Date

With filings due in multiple states with different timelines, it’s easy to miss dates when you’re busy with other finance-related tasks. AutoFile automatically submits returns and remittances on your behalf to the states where you’re enrolled.

That way, you never have to worry about missing any deadlines and getting into trouble.

Sell Across More Channels With Less Effort

TaxJar makes it easy for multichannel sellers to expand their ecommerce businesses to new markets and manage sales tax compliance.

Their cloud-based platform enables your business to scale seamlessly.

AI-driven product categorization, a real-time calculation engine, a flexible API, and aggregated transaction reports remove your administrative burden and free up your time.

Apply Sales Tax Instantly – At Scale

TaxJar’s sales tax API clocks in at sub-20ms with 99.99% uptime.

This means you’re getting the fastest and most reliable sales tax compliance. Their sales tax API and calculation engines scale seamlessly, maintaining the same speed and reliability no matter how many transactions are processed at once.

Using APi is especially useful when you’re looking to customize TaxJar or If your needs go beyond their pre-built solutions. The TaxJar API lets you build your own solution.

Plus, TaxJar API comes with detailed documentation and open source clients on GitHub.

Stay On Top of Tax Changes with Zero Effort

TaxJar’s team constantly monitors the latest sales tax laws at the state, county, city, and more.

When tax rates change, TaxJar applies them immediately to their platform. You don’t need to keep up with all of the changes, as well as product exemptions and sales tax holidays, to remain compliant.

Plus, TaxJar uses rooftop-level calculations to ensure that your customer’s precise address corresponds to the right rate in their jurisdiction. Their AI-powered product classification tool evaluates all of your products and suggests the right tax code for each and every one.

(Helping you stay compliant and have everything in check.)

TaxJar will do everything for you, so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

Any Bank, Any Gateway

Integrate any bank or gateway with TaxJar and serve more customers.

If you’re a high-volume ecommerce store, you can’t afford to rely on just 1 or 2 payment processors. This is very risky and could lead to issues if your accounts get on hold.

You should also serve customers with their preferred method of payment (and be able to tax them).

Checkout Champ partnered with TaxJar and we made this possible.

Checkout Champ Intelligent Routing logic lets you route specific payments and currencies to a preferred gateway for each transaction, saving on fees and enhancing customer experience by dynamically delivering local currencies.

Plus, TaxJar will seamlessly connect to your platform and help you stay compliant with sales tax.

It’s as simple as clicking the “Link New Account” button – and that’s it!

Connect All Your Favorite Tools Together

Checkout Champ empowers you to connect with almost every app you use.

That’s right, we do everything we can to ensure you’re as efficient as possible and that’s why we offer you 358+ all-in-one integrations, including TaxJar, that can completely automate the manual labor of filling in the taxes and make your team focus on the stuff that matters – saving you a lot of money.

However, there is a lot more that our team can help you with…

Let Us Create A Custom Solution

Checkout Champ has a strong team of developers who are here just for our customers. That means that if you don’t find a feature or functionality you’re looking for and no integration is suitable, we will develop it for your business.

That’s right; you get a custom solution tailored just to your business.

Book a demo with us today.

No Need for Painless Migration

We will do the whole migration for you!

We value your time and effort – and want to help you make the most out of it. That’s why when you become a client, you will get guidance from your own personal Client Success Manager, so you can use our tool to the fullest.

This will ensure you’ll get all the expertise available to your business.

Get Your Taxes in Check & Save Thousands

Stay compliant, minimize the manual labor, and save more money on taxes.

TaxJar is the best platform in this game, offering easy-to-use tools such as automated tax processing, reporting, and the most reliable and fastest API.

Our customers absolutely love TaxJar and have seen massive results from using it.

$100,000 saved in sales annually by eliminating human errors in tax filings.

40+ hours saved every week by automating sales taxes.

42+ more states by Beautylish which were able to reach new markets thanks to TaxJar.

Checkout Champ takes care of the whole e-commerce experience, while TaxJar adds a cherry on top with its flawless sales tax compliance capabilities.

If you’re looking to save 40+ hours a week and drive higher revenue, you need to use it now.

Looking to easily integrate TaxJar or any other sales tax compliance platforms to your ecom stores and funnels, without additional apps or expensive custom development?

Checkout Champ can help.

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